Forbush Friends Meeting
Full Time Family Minister

Forbush is a community in central Yadkin County, North Carolina. The community is named for George Forbush, one of the earliest European settlers in Northwestern North Carolina. Please visit our website for more about our meeting.
    To promote the work of God’s Kingdom by building and supervising the Youth Ministry (Grades 5-12) and the Family Ministry of Forbush Friends Meeting.

    • Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, having accepted Him as Savior and Lord.
    • Should have previous training and/or experience as a Family/ Youth Pastor in a church setting or other youth ministry experience, and also a passion for building strong, Christian homes.
    • Must be familiar with and committed to the Church Mission Statement of Forbush Friends Meeting. (To know Jesus and make Him know)
    • Must have a desire for personal growth and development in your calling as a Youth and Family Ministry.
    • Must be willing to be a “team player” with the rest of the ministry staff and leadership of the Meeting.
    • Must maintain regular time for reading God’s word and for prayerful and obedient responses to God’s leading.
    • His or her honesty, integrity, and ethics must be above reproach.
    1. Youth Pastor
      • Be responsible for a ministry of middlers, Junior and Senior High aged group(s), providing a qualitative learning experience.
      • Have a balanced program in areas of education, service, fund-raising, recreation, worship, and involvement in the Meeting as a whole.
      • Include other creative learning experiences such as retreats as part of the ministry programming.
      • Communicate upcoming events to youth, parents, and youth advisory well in advance.
      • Continually evaluate the needs, interests, desires, strengths, and weaknesses of the youth ministry so you can organize effectively. Prepare action plan to meet these new opportunities.
      • Frequently communicate to the Elders your plans, objectives, and goals along with successes and challenges of your ministry.
      • Compile and maintain a list of church youth and prospective youth.
      • Keep detailed records of attendance and finances and make these records available to the youth advisory on a regular basis. This record can then be used for evaluating and planning.
      • Assist with planned visitation among families of youth of the Meeting as time permits.
      • Make your office hours known to the young people and the Meeting as a whole.
      • Be sensitive to spiritual needs and help lead to Jesus Christ those who do not know Him.
      • Report monthly attendance, planned activities, fund-raiser results, etc. to Monthly Meeting and Ministry and Counsel.
      • Plan a Christmas program every year that features youth. (This should be coordinated with Children’s Pastor and the Music Committee, etc. depending on the type of program.)
      • Develop and oversee other activities involving the youth such as youth choir, drama team, etc. based on your gifts and the gifts of your youth.
      • Assist with and/or convey any duties or responsibilities necessary to accomplish the goals or mission of Forbush Friends Meeting.
    2. Family Pastor
      • Evaluate the total Family Ministry Program to determine areas of need and develop and help implement plans to enhance programs.
      • Work with other committees that relate to Family Ministry such as Christian Education and Children’s Ministry, etc.
      • Assess individual with spiritual gifts and mentor people to the right position.
      • Assess and evaluate the educational needs of families within the Meeting and with Christian Education Committee; make recommendations to Monthly Meeting for improvements.
      • Keep accurate records to evaluate current resources needed and future resource requirements.
      • Keep accurate records on potential members and their families to assist the Senior Pastor with outreach and visitation of children and their families.
      • Coordinate with WOW Kids, and other volunteers.
      • Develop a budget for programming needs.
    3. Within the Total Meeting
      • Serve as a resource for committees (i.e. Nominating Committee, and Christian Education Committee).
      • Involve as many volunteers as possible in the life and work of the meeting.
      • Collaborate with other staff and ministry leaders in the use of buildings and facilities.
      • Assist as needed in conversion experiences, counseling, and personal evangelism.
    4. As Staff
      • Responsible to the Elders for the Youth and Family Ministry. The Family Pastor should meet with the Senior Pastor weekly.
      • Meet regularly or as needed with Youth Advisory.
      • Attend and share responsibility in Yadkin Valley Quarterly Meeting and Friends Church of North Carolina Yearly Meeting activities.
    • Participate in job-related conferences and workshops as time and opportunities allow.
    • Devote 40 hours a week to this position.
    • Allow 2 weeks of paid vacation a year with designated time off during the week.
  5. Reports to Ministry and Counsel for Primary Oversight
    • Direct supervision of no other staff members.
    • Basic focus of time and energy: Youth Pastor - 50%
    • Young Adults - 25%
    • Family Pastor - 25%

Please send resume to:
Forbush Friends Meeting
Attention: Ministry and Counsel
4460 Forbush Road
East Bend, NC 27018
Or: Phone: 336-469-1414 Mike Fulp
Or: Email Resume to:
Deadline for accepting resumes: until position filled
Salary and Benefit Package will be negotiated